The Wife’s Story

The behaviour of Siôn Jenkins’ former wife has been a major factor since the time of the murder, when it had a direct impact on public perceptions of the case.

Her relationships with the police and the media since then prompt serious and searching questions.

People still speculate about why she moved to the other side of the world, and infer that somehow the distance is an indicator of his guilt. There is, though, another inference to be drawn about her motives.

Lois Jenkins moved to Tasmania four years after Siôn Jenkins’ trial for murder and three years after his failed first appeal. Inexplicably, she had taken no part in either process, despite being a key witness. At the time her silence seemed eloquent.

However, seven years after the murder — when a second appeal meant the real possibility that his conviction might be overturned — she flew back from the other side of the world to speak out as a prosecution witness even though her detailed memory of events must have faded.

The following year she was a prosecution witness at both retrials. The first time this was by video link. When the jury was not convinced of his guilt and a second retrial was ordered she flew across the world again to give evidence against her former husband. By now she had a great deal to say.

With the perspective of time questions are now prompted by those efforts to silence support for Siôn Jenkins, block attempts to challenge his conviction, and continue to discredit him, even after his acquittal.

  • Timeline : This page details important developments affecting the investigation in the nine months following the murder. The involvement of Lois Jenkins is significant.

  • What Lois Did : How she was used by Sussex police, and how her position became entrenched over the years.

  • The role of Lois Jenkins : Examination of the facts raises questions.

  • All things considered… : A BBC Radio Wales programme in 2008 resulted in a formal complaint by Lois Jenkins.

  • The whole truth? February 2006 : The Mail on Sunday: Lois Jenkins talks about the truth and reveals a great deal about herself in a piece published three days after Siôn Jenkins’ acquittal.

  • Just a coincidence? : The timing and motive for Lois Jenkins’ attack on her former husband in the Mail on Sunday is perplexing.

  • The Wife’s Story : Analysis of the full-page article written by Lois Jenkins in The Sunday Times in February 2003.

  • Sunday Times Letter : Text of a letter sent by this campaign in response to an article by Lois Jenkins, published in February 2003.

  • Trial and Error Adjudication : Having successfully blocked the first attempt to screen Trial and Error, Lois Jenkins submitted a complaint about the programme to the Broadcasting Standards Commission after it was finally shown.