An Insider’s View

This communication was received shortly after Siôn Jenkins‘ acquittal.

I used work at Sussex Police Headquarters in Lewes in 1998, and I remember an email being sent around to all, bleating on about how great the team who led the enquiry were. The email was to tell all of Sussex Police, that Siôn had been convicted.

I was very uncomfortable with this and almost all whom I spoke with privately, were too. The evidence just didn’t appear to be logical and in fact I was quite sombre for a number of days afterwards due to the fact that in my opinion, I worked for an organisation that had pulled out all of the stops to convict an innocent man. In fact the email itself made me very uncomfortable in that it appeared that the Police themselves were expecting to lose.

I say that because from the tone of the email, there was a sense of relief as opposed to plain gratitude and praise.

…I’m just so pleased that this country no longer has the death penalty. Although I’m a death penalty supporter for the most part, in my opinion whilst the Police and the Prosecutors (for whatever reason) are still sending innocent persons to jail, then we cannot allow the death penalty to exist.

I sincerely hope that Siôn is able to enjoy life now and the bottom line is that he, his wife, children, family, friends and many members of the public know that he has nothing to be ashamed of and that he can and should hold his head high.

I wish you all the best.