The Legal Process

Siôn Jenkins was convicted of murder on 2 July 1998 at the end of a widely-publicised three-week long trial. This sections outlines his treatment under the criminal justice system since then.

His experience has been defined by his consistent assertion that he is innocent.

  • Overview : A timeline showing the main stages in the case.

  • The Judgement : A summary of the appeal judgement handed down on 21 December 1999.

  • Denial of Guilt : An incident which confirms that there is a real cost to those who assert their innocence.

  • Conflict of Interest : A disturbing development which cast doubt on the impartiality of the process.

  • The Second Appeal : The second appeal, which was successful, attracted worldwide media attention.

  • The First Appeal : Siôn Jenkins’ first, unsuccessful, appeal was held in December 1999.

  • CCRC Referral : The case of Siôn Jenkins was referred to the Appeal Court by the Criminal Cases Review Commission in May 2003