Justice delayed

In the case of Billie-Jo Jenkins justice is long overdue. Every year since 2006 there have been calls for the case to be re-opened and for her murderer to be identified.

The letter below was sent to us by a supporter shortly after the twentieth anniversary last year. It is a reply from Sussex Police to a thoughtful and detailed letter he sent to the Chief Constable setting out his concerns about aspects of the way the case has been handled since the second retrial ended in February 2006.

The response he received does not mention Billie-Jo's name. His offer — made in good faith — to come and meet someone from Sussex Police was not taken up.

The letter, though, is informative.

  • Evidently any unsolved murders are re-assessed every two years.
  • Forensic advances may mean a re-investigation is possible.
  • There have been a 'significant' number of contacts from those who believe they have information / ideas that could help solve the case.
  • At that stage(2017) Sussex Police did not propose to re-investigate the case.
  • At the same time Sussex Police remains committed to solving this tragic murder.
When will the time be right? The truth needs to be told - or justice for Billie-Jo will be denied.