The Facts of the Case

This section gives a detailed account of what actually happened. Events are closely examined and their implications identified.

The facts are central to any rational analysis. In the case of Siôn Jenkins, facts have all too often been overtaken by speculation.

  • Chronology of the Case : A record of key events since the murder.

  • The Case of Siôn Jenkins : A detailed outline of the events surrounding the murder, and how those events were later interpreted

  • Important Questions : Examination of the facts prompts some serious questions, detailed here.

  • Bob Woffinden Reviews the Case : May 03 : The text of article called “Why I couldn’t have murdered Billie -Jo” published in the Daily Mail

  • Two years on: the facts reviewed : Text of an article published in The Sunday Telegraph on 2 July 2000.

  • Simple facts : The forensic evidence on which the conviction rested was complex and detailed. There were, though, some much more obvious points which cast doubt on the likelihood that Siôn Jenkins carried out the murder.