A call to action

Please join the call for justice for Billie-Jo, and in 2023 add your voice to those asking Sussex Police to re-open the case.

You can send a letter to :

Jo Shiner
Chief Constable, Sussex Police
Sussex Police Headquarters
Church Lane
East Sussex

You can send a message through the Sussex Police website

You can leave a message on Facebook.

Incredibly, twenty six years later, key questions about the early stages of the investigation still need answers. Here are just a few:

  1. Why did the police never interview the first suspect identified by more than thirty witnesses?

  2. Why was the record of Siôn Jenkins' first interview on the day of the murder not written up until three days later?

  3. Who instructed the family liaison officer to 'feed into mum'?

  4. Why was their family social worker not present when the children were told their father was guilty of murder?

  5. Why were a number of witnesses who went to give evidence at the time told by police that they knew who had committed the crime?

Someone knows the answers and it's time to tell the truth.
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